January 24, 2012


Today I had to throw away my bouquet.  It was a sad moment.  This is all that remains: some lace from my mom's wedding dress and some pretty pins.

And it got me thinking... what heirloom will my daughter carry with her on her wedding day?  Will she want to wear my dress with its handy hidden pockets?  Will she want to shorten my veil to chapel length?  Will she carry the hankie my mom embroidered?  Will she take the embellishment from my dress and design her own (with her mother's designer genes)?

It's kind of fun to think about.  I wonder what the wedding styles will be in thirty or so years.  I wonder how outdated my pictures will be, or if they will be timeless, like Jackie Kennedy (yeah right).

Brides-to-be, do you plan on using/wearing an heirlooms?  Mothers, what have you/do you hope to give your daughter to wear on her wedding day, as a little piece of yourself?

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  1. I didn't wear an heirloom, our wedding was kind of weird, ha! My tiara and necklace were from Claire's (no kidding) and have since fallen apart or started showing that reddish color :( I secretly hope J. will want to wear my wedding dress, but like you said, I have no idea what the style will be like in say, 20 years from now. I do hope I can pass on something that she can incorporate - I love the idea of that lace from your mom!