January 4, 2012

See You Later...

Tonight we said "see you later" to youth group.  It's not goodbye, because we're coming back after the summer, but even so, "see you later" was a little tough.  We're taking a break from the youth group to get the hang of marriage.

Youth group has meant so much to us.  HTB has been a part of it since he was a student, almost ten years ago.  He started coming and never left.  I joined staff before I even moved to Florida, going to summer camp, knowing only Bestie.  And then I never left.  It became such a part of my life.  As HTB put it today, "Wednesday has always been youth group day."

Tonight they did a humorous little interview with us, then asked for advice from us.  HTB told them not to take the youth group for granted, and to keep God first in their lives and not let things distract them from Him.  I told them to trust God with their whole hearts and lean not on their own understanding; to acknowledge Him in all their ways, and He will direct their paths.  I may or may not have used God's words, not mine. :)

And then they gathered around us and laid hands on us and prayed.  It was so bittersweet, and we are so blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful, God-blessed ministry for so long.

And then one student prayed that we "be fruitful and multiply."  Exhibit A of why I love that ministry so much.

We'll miss it, but we'll still be praying for it on Wednesday nights.  Because Wednesday night is youth group night. :)


  1. Oh boy, this one REALLY made me cry. Still wiping away the tears . . .

  2. So happy for you, your future life and ministry.

    p.s. & slightly less important your boots in this photo are great! ;)