January 5, 2012

One Week to Go...

(HTB photobombing my picture)

Today HTB and I had our last pre-marital counseling with our pastor.  We've really enjoyed his wit and wisdom... but this was our last session, the one we'd been hearing embarrassing things about, and well, we were a little nervous about what he would say (he's famous for his steamy Song of Solomon sermon series)... and let's just say I feared I would blush through the whole thing.

It wasn't half as bad as we were fearing.  It was comfortable and encouraging, and so, hopefully this won't make you uncomfortable, but it's something I want to share.

See, HTB and I both have kept ourselves only for each other, and only for marriage.  So for us, we are so thankful to go into this marriage without shame or regret, excited to experience something that God intended as glorifying to Himself, within the confines of marriage.

All you singles out there-- hold out!  Don't give in!  It will be worth it, because it's as God intended.

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